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Fighting Over Child Custody: 3 Things to Consider to Win Your Battle

When it comes to fighting over custody, it’s common for some divorcing couples to convince or prove to everyone that they are the better parent. In many cases, they will also tell the others how bad or evil the other parent is. This tactic can interfere with coming up a healthy decision that is in […]

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Don’t Ruin Your Divorce: What You Shouldn’t Do During the Process

The things you do and don’t do during a divorce can affect the result of the settlement. This may cause you to lose the child custody battle, pay more child support/alimony, or receive less of it. This makes it important to mind your actions and behaviors to turn things in your favor. Here are some the […]

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Working in Utah? Reminders for Different Kinds of Employees

Many of the companies in Utah leave their employees very satisfied, especially if you land a job in one of the top 50 companies in the state. Companies do their part in keeping employees happy and controlling turnover rates. However, employees also need to know a couple of things before they work in Utah. Migrants […]

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Your Retirement Ally: The Reverse Mortgage

For those aged over 62 years old who owns a home, a reverse mortgage can offer them a chance to exchange their home equity into cash. St. Louis reverse mortgage enables them to acquire a loan against their home without needing to repay it throughout their lifetime. This is applicable if they live in a […]

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The Big Question About Divorce: How Ready Are You?

Divorce may not always be the right solution for everyone, but in many cases, it is. However, like anything else that involves huge stakes – in this case, the law and your overall well-being – you have to prepare for the roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s a smart idea to get the help of […]