Lonely woman after divorce spending evening aloneDivorce may not always be the right solution for everyone, but in many cases, it is. However, like anything else that involves huge stakes – in this case, the law and your overall well-being – you have to prepare for the roller coaster ride of emotions.

It’s a smart idea to get the help of a family lawyer even before you file for divorce, as this can help you get rid of any confusion or hesitation. burnhamlaw.com also suggests that you ask yourself the following questions to determine how ready you are to dissolve your marriage:

What are your intentions for dissolving your marriage?

This is one of the first and most important questions you have to ask yourself, and one that you need to answer honestly. Why do you want a divorce in the first place? If continuing the relationship no longer makes sense or it’s already a safety threat for you and your kids, then getting a divorce may be the most appropriate action.

However, if you have another reason, such as thinking that your spouse may start showing you more attention or treat you better, then you have the wrong intentions for getting a divorce.

How free are you of your internal conflict for wanting a divorce?

Everyone who wants to get a divorce or has already filed for one has their own inner conflicts. These may take the form of guilt for wanting to dissolve the marriage, or in some people or the feeling of betrayal. Some also think of a better future once they have extricated themselves from the chaotic relationship.

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Know that you’ll go through the same conflicted phase for wanting a divorce, but this shouldn’t stop you from going for it if you know that it’ll make your life better. Work with a reputable lawyer to increase your chances of getting the results you want.