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A Primer on Medical Malpractice and Guidelines to Secure Validity of Your Claim

Doctors must adhere to medical standards governing their profession during the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of their patients. Medical malpractice is a violation of a certain standard and victims of negligence or intentional harm may appeal to a court for compensation and justice. If you have been subjected to unacceptable practices by a licensed physician […]

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Eliminate Pain During A Divorce With 2 Simple Moves

The process of annulling a marriage is among the most painful life experiences, notes a divorce lawyer at Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. in Draper, Utah. It’s a process that pits two people, who at one time had made a vow to spend the rest of their lives together, against each other. The realization that this […]

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The Benefits of Working with a Family Law Attorney

Although the court has a role to play in settling family issues, it’s one place that you might want to avoid. Dealing with the jury and all other stakeholders can be overwhelming sometimes. You need to have knowledge and experience in family law to handle matters with ease. Fortunately, you can consult a reputable family […]

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Four Ways Divorce Affects Children

We all want to have a long-lasting marriage as we pledge to be with our partners till death do us part. However, divorce can happen due to unavoidable circumstances. When it happens, children are the most affected parties. Children are in most cases not aware of why their parents are separating, which leaves them confused […]

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Would It Matter If I File for Divorce First?

If you or your spouse is planning on getting a divorce in New York, it won’t matter who gets to file first. In general, however, the spouse who files first might have some edge over the spouse who’ll get served with divorced papers. In some cases, the filing spouse might have some control over how fast […]