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Medical Malpractice: What is it and Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Doctors and other healthcare providers should give the best medical care possible, but there are instances when a patient’s treatment is not successful. Oftentimes, these healthcare professionals are not liable for unsuccessful treatments. However, if it’s proven that the patient experienced harm or injury due to negligence, he or she can hold the medical team […]

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Legal Matters: How Can a Lawyer Help You in 3 Ways?

Although it’s not a necessity to hire an attorney on every legal case, there are several instances when you require their expertise. When that time comes, you want an experienced representation for your best interest. That’s why having a lawyer to consult and work with could offer great benefits. If in case you’re wondering how, […]

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Reclaiming Your Life with the Help of a Trusted and Reliable Lawyer

Unless you’ve had a reason to attend court proceedings, you’re unlikely to pay it any mind as you drive. In fact, you’re likely to view it as another government body whose functions are lost on you. Well, that’s until you need to pursue a legal matter that it becomes clear. Most people go about life, […]

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Know Your Limits: Queensland Applies Penalties Based on 4 Alcohol Limits

Queensland rules are clear: anyone above the age of 18 may buy or consume alcohol in public or licensed places across the state. Nevertheless, be mindful of your behaviour whenever you go out to drink or socialise with friends. Know your alcohol limits for safety purposes as well as to avoid any run-ins with law enforcers. You […]

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The Legal Difference Between Divorce and Annulment

In life, not everything goes as planned. When it comes to relationships, admitting that a marriage is no longer working is just the first step. The law acknowledges a couple’s decision to end a marriage and provides two legal ways to do so: divorce and annulment. Both give relief to couples who can’t make the […]