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Divorce and Negotiations: The Mediation Process Explained

Divorce mediation enables divorcing couples to talk things out, resolve certain issues, and negotiate a settlement without going to court. This is especially favorable if you and your spouse are calling it quits but still get along amicably and would like to make joint decisions regarding the future of the kids, if any. DivorceAttorneyInLongIsland.com explains […]

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Maximize Your Potential As A Paralegal

Paralegals are the assistants of lawyers in firms or companies; they do administrative work such as creating documents and making sure they abide by the law. However, just because you are not a lawyer, however, does not mean you cannot get a lucrative career as a paralegal. Experienced and corporate paralegals earn substantially more compared […]

Criminal Charges
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Not Guilty of Criminal Charges: What are Your Options?

Criminal charges are the last thing anybody wants to deal with, not when these may mean fines or worse, jail time. But there are times when even the innocent have their day in court. As for the opposite, they have the right to fight their way to freedom even if they are not so innocent. […]

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Preparing for Divorce: Are You Ready to Move Forward?

For many, divorce is the only way out of an unhappy marriage. Couples who can no longer work their differences and have a harmonious relationship see it as the only way to move on and start their lives again. Whatever the circumstances are, it’s important to prepare yourself for divorce. It isn’t, after all, as […]

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Hacking with Good Purpose: Defending an Internet “Crime”

Hacking is the future. So are computers and computer-based services. Even today, the large-scale “digitizing” of everything make people reliant on their smartphones and laptops. Nobody can really conclude the argument in favor of either side, whether it’s eroding or furthering civilization. But, for regular people, they only know how to use innovations to their […]