Child custody case concept shotWhen it comes to fighting over custody, it’s common for some divorcing couples to convince or prove to everyone that they are the better parent. In many cases, they will also tell the others how bad or evil the other parent is. This tactic can interfere with coming up a healthy decision that is in the best interest of the child. It can also slow down the entire custody process. and other Denver child custody lawyers share a few things you need to consider:

Think About the Kids First

While you may be blaming your ex for the divorce, it is not always right to keep them away from seeing the kids. It is common for children to suffer from emotional hurt or damage when they don’t have any contact with a mother/father. Every parent needs to be included in the lives of their kids. This is true even if you don’t want to have anything do with your ex-spouse.

Stop the Blame Game

It is always easy to point out all the faults and inadequacies of your ex-spouse to make everyone believe that you deserve what you want. The sad part is, how bad you think your ex is doesn’t usually matter in child custody decisions. Besides, you may not convince the judge to rule in your favor (or give sympathy) if you blame your spouse for everything or display hostility towards the other party.

Think About Your Proposals Carefully

If you hate your ex and have an advantage during negotiations, you may be tempted to propose something that would make the other party suffer. Be careful in doing so, as this could affect your life negatively too. Children can also suffer from lack of communication with the other parent, as this causes trust issues and emotional problems. They may also favor the other parent with more flexible rules.

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Sometimes, your emotions and attitudes can get the best of you. Talk to a child custody lawyer to guide your thoughts and decisions, as well as protect your rights.