Divorce AgreementThe things you do and don’t do during a divorce can affect the result of the settlement. This may cause you to lose the child custody battle, pay more child support/alimony, or receive less of it. This makes it important to mind your actions and behaviors to turn things in your favor.

Here are some the things you should avoid during the divorce process:

Threaten Your Partner

Even if you believe that your soon-to-be ex-spouse is to blame for a marital split, you should never threaten or criticize the other party. Divorce attorneys in Denver note that your harsh words can be used against you in the court. If your partner has said something mean, control your actions and avoid responding negatively. Talking to a friend or a therapist can help vent your feelings.

Lie About Your Assets and Properties

It is never advisable to hide assets or transfer them in another account (like a friend’s or a relative’s). When the other party discovers those assets, your credibility and reputation will be tarnished in the court. Being honest about finances is important to get a fair settlement. Lying or hiding can affect other areas of the case and increase your risk of economic penalties.

Flaunt a New Romance

A new boyfriend or girlfriend can affect decisions regarding child custody and spousal support. This is especially true if you take your new partner to trips and vacations or shower them with luxurious gifts. Even if you found a new romance, resist the temptation to brag about it to your friends and soon-to-be ex. You need to focus first on the divorce to get the settlement you deserve.

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Use Social Media More Often

When you’re going through a marital split, many of the things you post, tweet, and share on social media can harm your case. This is true for derogatory remarks about your spouse and pictures of vacations and a new romance. It is a good idea to set your privacy setting or better, avoid using social media until the divorce is over.

Keep these things in mind to avoid compromising your case. You should also consult an experienced divorce attorney to guide you throughout the process.