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Do You Need to Hire a Family Law Attorney?

Corporate Law News

More People in the UK Applied for a Remortgage to Beat Rate Hikes

More people in the UK are rushing to get a new home loan, as they worry that rising rates may become more expensive in the future. If you are planning to apply for a remortgage as well, a comparison of fees is available online to help you reach an informed decision. You may have to decide soon, though, […]

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Can You Change Your Divorce Decree?

Divorce is, unfortunately, another unavoidable fact of life these days. A divorce becomes final with the issuance of a divorce decree. There are times, however, when the divorce decree is no longer working, and you need a modification. The motion for a divorce modification is typically filed within the same court that issued your decree. […]

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Report Shows 14% Drop in British Conveyancing Activity

Real estate conveyancing activity in the U.K. during the second quarter of 2017 reached 210,964 transactions, down by 14% from 245,738 in the first quarter, according to an industry report. The country’s low supply of available homes and restricted home-moving activity drove the significant decline, which was the lowest since the middle of 2013. Despite the fewer […]

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Suffering in Silence: Here’s Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Harassment

So many women suffer from sexual harassment in the workplace in silence. In a survey by Cosmopolitan, 1 in 3 women reports being a victim of sexual harassment at work. But 70% of them did not report the abuse. A June 2016 report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on the other hand, found that although some certainly do, […]