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5 Smart Ways to Deal with Workplace Harassment

Imagine this: You’ve been working for your company for a few years now, and it feels like you know almost everyone in the office. But just when you thought everything was peachy, this new employee introduces themselves and starts making passes at you. It may seem harmless at first, but if you don’t do something about […]

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Do You Need a Will?

A will is a legal document that states who your beneficiaries are and how you want your property and assets to be divided among them. Your will also contains how and who you want to care for your minor children. To make the will legally binding, you need to have it in writing and signed by you […]

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Suffering in Silence: Here’s Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Harassment

So many women suffer from sexual harassment in the workplace in silence. In a survey by Cosmopolitan, 1 in 3 women reports being a victim of sexual harassment at work. But 70% of them did not report the abuse. A June 2016 report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on the other hand, found that although some certainly do, […]

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What You Need to Know About Green Card Application

A green card secures your residency in the United States and gives you the right to many benefits that citizens enjoy. Moreover, it brings you one step closer to naturalization. If naturalization is your goal, you need to work hard to obtain your green card in Utah. Here is an overview of your potential sponsors and […]

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Solving Disputes in the Family Before Calling a Lawyer

Family fights cannot be avoided. Sometimes, misunderstandings need to happen to strengthen the ties between the members of the family. When things are getting tough, however, a few strategies will be necessary to ensure that any dispute will always end on a positive note. How to Resolve Conflict in the Family The first thing to […]