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Getting Out of the Timeshare Scam

We’ve all heard of timeshare properties at some point. It’s either we’ve been offered one during our vacations, or we know of someone who has one. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of negative news about it and a lot of people are trying to get out of what seems to be a huge investment […]

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3 Common DUI Mistakes You Should Avoid

Unlike other court cases, every DUI case is naturally different. A lot of things must be factored in before a sober judgment is made. Facts, evidence, circumstances, and challenges play a significant role. Furthermore, constitutional rights are there also to determine the magnitude of the penalties determined. While you may panic and think you have […]

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Dealing with a Lawyer for the First Time: How to Handle the Situation

For some people, just thinking about the word “lawyer” can already spark fear or intimidation in their minds. Having to deal with a lawyer means you have a problem that you can’t resolve on your own and you need a professional to help you. Hobbs Giroday Barristers & Solicitors notes that lawyers are also your trusted […]

Business and Legal

Top 3 Benefits of Part-Time Learning To Your Career

If you’re studying at a university, it’s more comfortable to take an additional course alongside your primary course. But if you’re employed, this can be a bit tasking. Expanding your education scope makes you an all-around person who can comfortably fit in any department. Furthermore, a good CV makes you stand out among thousands of candidates applying […]

Business and Legal

Almost the Same But Not Quite: Expungement and Sealing a Record

There are instances when a person is forced to defend himself in court. Whether he wins his case or not, a record exists of the case. However, a person’s case record can still be sealed and kept away from the regular record archive. This can be very helpful when you are trying to get a […]