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3 Things to Review When Facing a DUI Charge in Utah

Driving under the influence, or DUI is a common charge in Utah. The state imposes stiff penalties for DUI convictions, and both state and country courts can serve a high conviction rate. Getting charged with a DUI, however, isn’t the same as getting convicted. After all, state laws consider it as a misdemeanor, specifically for […]

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Have to Deal with a Major CDL Violation? Seek a CDL Attorney

Commercial drivers are at risk of various pitfalls when it comes to facing traffic tickets. Apart from the law-related consequences they have to deal with, they would also have to face the wrath of their employers. The fact that commercial drivers have to follow rules stricter than those followed by their non-commercial counterparts makes their lives […]

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3 Real Estate Investments that Call for a Lawyer’s Help

 A home or any residential property is one of the most important and biggest purchases you’ll ever make in your life. That’s why it’s only natural to want to be completely sure about everything before sealing the deal. In some cases, you need to work with real estate professionals and lawyers to get this assurance. […]

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Domestic Abuse: The Man of the House Can Become a Victim, Too

Stories of domestic abuse often involve a woman as the victim, but when the roles are reversed and the man is in an inferior position, many find it hard to believe. Domestic violence against men is rarely used as a theme in books, television, and film. Women are almost always the victim, never the man. […]

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3 Ways to Grow and Succeed as a Paralegal

Most people mistake paralegal as simply glorified secretaries, but their work requires way more than just taking down notes and following orders. They also need to be well-informed about legal matters and work hard for their place in the industry to be taken seriously as a vital part of it. Paralegals face a battle to […]