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Common Causes of Action in Employment Law

Job interviewees, as well as employees, have various rights that protect them against abuse. These rights include the right to pay according to the law, right to time off, and right to leave to attend to family emergencies or for medical reasons. The federal employment laws usually set the standards in employment law. However, a […]

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What are the Advantages of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

It’s sad to learn that a lot of individuals in the United States experience financial failure, which is often the reason they get buried in debts. Aside from the stress of trying to make ends meet, creditors will start harassing them when they fail to make payments. This is one of the major reasons many […]

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3 Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Child Custody Case

The battle for the custody of a child is a very tedious and stressful process. With all the factors and risks present, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Keep these common errors in mind and do your best to avoid them. 1. Not Choosing the Right Representative For such a delicate situation, naturally, you would […]

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Who is Responsible for Personal Injuries from Uber Accidents?

Personal injury cases involving an Uber vehicle usually require plaintiffs to prove the scope of damages and the other party’s liability before they could receive any compensation. Legal counsel will be useful in this scenario. If the incident occurred in California, for instance, seek representation from an Uber accident attorney in Los Angeles. Insurance Coverage […]

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Critical Items to Write on Your Checklist of Divorce Topics for Discussion with a Family Lawyer

The experience and expertise of a divorce lawyer should make you confident and give you a positive outlook. Nevertheless, it is not enough that you have the best lawyer in town. You must be on the same page from day one to the end of the journey. It is time to sit down and make a […]